Travellers Notebook - a new creating adventure!

Well I have finally jumped on board with the TN trend happening in the paper world. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to document, what would it actually be about and it had to be relevant not just pretty.

So I decided it would be a Gratitude Journal/TN, and I would document what and whom I am grateful and thankful in relation to my everyday life.

Here are my first pages basically documenting just that, my introduction of sorts.

I have used PinkFresh Studio Live More collection (which is just perfect for documenting).

The first page of my TN is all about pretty with some inspirational quotes.

Because I am not a fan of my hand writing I have used my typewriter to journal the intentions of my TN. 

I have machine sewn (you do this before attaching to you TN pages and created tabs also.
I lightly splattered some black colour sine over the pages.

And yes there is a photo of me, recently taken on my 49th birthday (OMG how did that happen!!).

So now I am ready to go an quite excited about documenting 'life happening'.

Thank you for stopping by today.



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